The Brainwave platform consists in:

  • Synapses  Graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE)

  • Axon   Standalone Execution Environment (SLEE)

  • Axon-Bean   J2EE Execution Environment (SLEE)

Brainwave platform is fully compliant within the SOA architecture. The applications can run in any execution environment, thus preserving customer's investments in existing IT infrastructure. Equally transparent portability of applications is guaranteed among environments. The platform is particularly targetted at interactive applications requiring access to heterogeneous data sources and access methods.

Synapses is a powerful graphical tool for dynamic web based applications and services development  , as well as web services and messaging systems

Design is entirely done by building flowcharts, thus isolating completely the developer Operating System, Presentation and Communication protocols specifics, (including HTML, WML, VoxML, xHTML, cHTML, (i-mode), etc. No code cutting is required!

Synapses has been specifically tuned to work together with Axon, an XML engine in charge of executing the service logic either under any J2EE or as a standalone Application Server.