How the Brainwave platform can shortern the application's life cycle?

  • Detailed design of any software development project is tightly linked to implementation considerations. The representation of the application logic in the form of flowcharts reduces greatly the time dedicated to code and functional testing when using the Brainwave platform

  • Full independence between the business logic and Presentation (user interfaces), reducing times and delays due to coordination aspects between development and creative teams

  • An “on-the-fly” feature uses a default user interface template; thus encouraging a fluid iterative process between developers and users by testing the application's Funcionality as it is implemented regardless of external documents

  • Once external documents have been created for user presentation, integration between both projects is straightforward

  • No code compilation and assembly is required as all components that build the application logic are already installed in the Execution Environment

  • Export "Feature & Go" reduces dramatically the debugging and deployment phases. It also makes easy to manage several environments simultaneously, e.g. Development, Testing and Production.

  • Allow for rapid, low cost, modular and phased application design, testing and deployment.

  • Once tested, applications are deployed into production at a botton click, without any service interruption, even in the case of installation a new version of an existing application.