The experience shows that Development cycle time can be reduced dramatically (more than 50%) and that Return on Investment is achieved in less than 3 months Why are projects developed using the Brainwave platform are so profitable?

  • The business logic is totally defined using a graphical interface, thers is no need to write a single line of code thus avoiding bugs and code defects

  • Using the Brainwave platform both Developement and Maintenance efforts are considerably reduced 

  • Because it uses a Diagram representation of the business logic understanding of the logic is easy and simple. Developers do not need to know the specifics of the environment and protocols (e.g. J2EE, .NET, PHP...)

  • Migrating an application from one environment to another is straightforward and does not require any porting process

  • Learning curve to become productive using the Brainwave platform is extremely short, so that in a few days developers can get familiar with the tool, thus avoiding long and costly training programs

  •  Modelling and Prototyping a new application is faster and less risky, and the introduction of new features or requirements easier even as the project is aleady under way